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Just 18 years ago, Lyudviga Shneyders moved from her home country of Russia to the United States and started her career as a fashion designer. Although she came to the U.S. 18 years ago, she has had her foot in the door of the fashion industry for over 25 years. Graduating from the School of Design and Tailoring Technical and working as a custom tailor helped lead Lyudviga into becoming owner and head designer of Lyudviga Couture.

It is here, in this magnificent luxury store, that she creates haute couture gowns and custom-made pieces. Lyudviga creates exquisite fashion statement garments with high-quality fabric and makes sure that they fit the client as they please.

In 2010, Lyudviga Couture was opened in Birmingham, MI and shortly after her daughter was born. With Birmingham being one of the most upscale and fashion-forward cities of Michigan, she creates an array of chic high fashion gowns and crisp tailored suits. Not only does Lyudviga Couture offer couture designs, it carries beautiful ready-to-wear collections, evening wear for a night out, and accessories to finish off your red-carpet ready look. Lyudviga’s signature Fashion Editor Leather Sleeves can make you look like a show stopper with any casual or high fashion look.

This high-end and trendy boutique of Birmingham is designed to invite and excite each person that enters. Starting from the large store front window, any person who walks by will get a sneak peak of the elegance and glamour inside. As you proceed into the store, you will see many racks of beautiful clothes—organized perfectly so that each piece can shine. Deeper into the store, you will find spacious fitting rooms and many mirrors for trying merchandise on.

What sets Lyudviga apart from other designers is her loyalty and honesty with her clientele and her expertise at creating custom high-quality garments. She always puts her customers first and meets their expectations. Lyudviga Shneyders also offers additional services at her store such as embroidery, tailoring, alterations, custom inquiries, and can serve as your personal stylist. Shneyders exclaims, “I am always there for my clients in case they ask for my advice, ‘What purse should I wear with this dress or what jewelry should I wear?’” She is always glad to offer her expert advice to help make sure each customer achieves what they are looking for.

Shneyder’s designs are eternally classic as she states, “You can wear it now or even ten years from now.” Her 10 perfect piece collection was designed so that it will never go out of style, is easily ready to wear, and will forever be a classic. Lyudviga is always creating new garments to add to her boutique, based on seasons and demands of clients.

Lyudviga Couture designs are exclusively sold in her store or delivered directly to clients. It is the perfect place to purchase an elegant one-of-a-kind design for any occasion or to even create your own vision.

Lyudviga Shneyders

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